The Meal Matters Most

What Makes Healthy Food Healthy: From a Stress Perspective

How do you classify “good food”?

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A recent question “What exactly is good food?”:

Here’s my reply…

For me I take the philosophy of a “stress approach” and systems (it depends on the system) approach to good food. So  fats/sugars can be physiologically stressful, so balance those main (high quality sourced) macronutrients (meat-carb-fat) with quality micronutrients (whole fruit, vegetables, herbs) or traditional sauce condiments that include fermented foods or dairy (probiotic source). This creates a “balanced” meal for our systems that is also delicious!

Edited addendum: Now, if you want to get into individualized stress responses and compromised stress handling of sugars and fats… THAT will be for another post. The simple general answer is eat good food in combinations that taste great to you, with the caveat that that you are not in a compromised stress-handling state. In which case you may not be able to trust what your taste buds tell you (like eat junk food), or you may be getting “sick” from some good foods (like fats or sugars) until you’ve gotten yourself back to square. Again… another post. Cheers!

Author: Lori Hogenkamp

Lori's passion is for food, the brain, science and stress shifting perspectives .

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