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Can we start being as kind to Saturated Fat as we would an (unfairly) Jilted Lover?

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My Sunday morning peruse of recipes and news led me to click on Jamie Oliver’s post “Dairy & gluten-free Chocolate Chip and Avocado Cookies”. It started off very politically correct and Jamie (correction: This was written by Bee Berrie of Bee’s Bakery) carefully skirting any political do’s or don’ts of agreement on removing such things as gluten and dairy and just discussing the joys of learning something new. This is the way many of us live our lives exploring options and respecting others curiosity and even issues. He does such a great job of expressing this until he gets to one sentence. “… butter is high in saturated fat – the bad type of fat that can increase the levels of cholesterol in your bloodstream”. I don’t blame Jamie Bee she is only repeating what she has heard. Replacing or getting larger variety of fats is healthy for us. But calling saturated fat “bad” is like yelling at your dog or your lover that he/she is bad when they misbehave.

Taking a lesson from interpersonal relationships and how to get good behavior— don’t project a label onto the person, only the behavior.

Saturated fat does not deserve the unforgiving label of “bad”. Can sat-fat BE bad? Yes. Is it ALWAYS bad, it IT bad? No. This may fly in the face of what the government and nutrition officials are telling the public or public figures like Jamie Oliver, but this is the current problem with our medical/science interpretation of evidence. It’s too absolute and out of context. Is saturated fat “bad” or is saturated fats behavior bad when it’s not in the context of a healthy balance of fats and other foods that balance its behavior? Does saturated fat have really good qualities that we are neglecting just because it has the potential to be bad?

These are questions that need exploring  and are being explored. There’s no answers quite yet other than… maybe we’ve judged saturated fat too harshly, maybe its just been misunderstood… maybe we need to be kinder in our assessments and Jamie/Bee could soften their language to say that “saturated fats are a fat that “can” raise cholesterol”, instead of saturate is a bad fat. :(..  it may end up not being so bad after all. A jilted lover is someone we dropped very suddenly and callously without most likely exploring or getting any real resolution to any of the real issues at hand. Maybe we’ve treated saturated fat equally as poorly and maybe it’s time to remedy and resolve that. Offer our apologies, hat in hand, and truly explore what saturated fat meant to us.


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Dairy & gluten-free chocolate avocado cookies

Published by | September 18, 2014

They look yummy!


Author: Lori Hogenkamp

Lori's passion is for food, the brain, science and stress shifting perspectives .

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